IAEJ works to achieve its mission in six core areas:

  1. Direct advocacy among government and Knesset decision makers in order to attain policy and legislative reform in education, employment, welfare and housing. Advocacy actions include providing information to the community, policy makers and the media on the efforts to fight discrimination and racism.
  2. Strengthening Ethiopian community social activists in order that they may effectively work towards changing the social, economic and educational status quo in the municipalities in which they live. IAEJ’s relationship with social activists allows us to be in direct contact with the community.
  3. Struggle against racial discrimination in Israeli society.
  4. Establishing a database compiling statistics and research on the community and publishing position papers on its status in various fields. IAEJ’s policy papers on the Ethiopian Israeli community are considered a reliable source of information by Members of Knesset and professional decision makers.
  5. Establishing partnerships with community organizations with a similar vision.
  6. Raising public awareness and increasing knowledge of the Ethiopian Israeli community’s unique culture and heritage.

In order to retain its autonomous capacity for fair criticism, IAEJ does not receive government funding and is supported solely by independent funders.