What we do

IAEJ is a unique advocacy organization and formidable voice for the Ethiopian community in Israel. Working in partnership with community activists, we strive to break down barriers and improve the quality of life of Ethiopian Israelis and create a just society.

IAEJ’s activities include:

Public Relations

IAEJ maintains ongoing contact with broadcast and print media in order to introduce its concerns to the publicmedia agenda. As such, we seek to increase the general public’s familiarity with the issues affecting Ethiopian Israelis, strengthening the connection with all groups in society and contributing our part to the social and cultural discourse.


IAEJ’s advocacy activities aim to advance policy that will ensure optimal integration of the Ethiopian community in Israel. As such, we act to increase awareness of the issues facing the community among government and Knesset decision makers. At the same time, IAEJ encourages the active involvement of the Ethiopian Israeli community in initiatives aimed at changing the current policies relating to the community. Activities are carried out in conjunction with the Community Affairs Unit.

Community Affairs

Community involvement and cooperation are essential for the advancement of any measure aimed at changing policy and the status quo. IAEJ’s Community Affairs Unit carries out this mission in cooperation with social and community activists, students and youth, in order to tackle relevant community issues in urban centers around the country, and provide feasible solutions.

Research and Strategy

IAEJ bases its activities in the arenas of education, housing, welfare and employment on information, research and reports from the field. Access to up to date information regarding the community’s status is of utmost importance for IAEJ and is the basis for determining strategy and policy and for dealing with specific issues. Field research aids in the promotion of advocacy work and community involvement. The Research and Strategy Unit is also responsible for providing Ethiopian Israelis with information regarding the social and legal rights to which they are entitled, assisting in daily challenges.

 Social Media

It is of utmost importance for IAEJ to share information with the public, along with the issues and challenges we face on an ongoing basis. IAEJ’s website, Facebook page and newsletter are accessible to the public which can also access research studies, information from the field, updates on the organization’s activities and information on their rights, important links on a variety of issues, job postings, upcoming events and more.

Please join us by taking an active part in our online activities, whether though our Facebook page, reading or writing opinion pieces posted on our website. Articles may be sent to: contact@iaej.co.il. (IAEJ reserves the right to determine the relevance of the pieces we publish.)