Our vision

The Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) is a unique non-profit advocacy organization for the Ethiopian community in Israel. Founded in 1993, directed and run by Ethiopians, IAEJ works towards optimal integration of Israelis of Ethiopian origin in Israeli society. IAEJ accomplishes its mission through direct advocacy in government ministries and in the Knesset, as well as  by providing information to the community, policy makers and the media. We work in partnership with local community activists to measure the impact of our advocacy and to learn from challenges and progress in the field.

IAEJ’s focused advocacy aims to overcome the steep socio-economic gaps between Ethiopian Israelis and Israel’s general Jewish population, and to advance more effective and efficient public policies in education, employment and housing. IAEJ advocacy is sensitive to the heterogeneous needs of the community—and is designed to advance those who have been part of Israeli society for two to three decades as well as the newest immigrants.

IAEJ is dedicated to a just society, based on values of mutual respect, in which each and every individual is treated as an equal and has the opportunity to realize his or her potential, without prejudice or discrimination.

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