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Ethiopians in Israel: Separate, but not equal ( 12 July 2015 )

As a country founded on the idea of being a “safe house” for the Jewish people, Israel has done a pretty unimpressive job ensuring that same safety for the totality of its citizens; more specifically, for its people of color.In light of the recent Ethiopian Israeli pro-rights rallies it has

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Deathly Fear on the Plaza ( 20 May 2015 )

I feel like I’ve woken up from a bad dream, a dream in which a huge monster is attacking me. I want to run away, but my feet refuse to move. It’s as if they are tied to a metal pole or trapped under a boulder. That’s how I felt

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Exercises in Absorption, by Shula Mola, Chair ( 30 October 2014 )

The recent State Comptroller’s report strongly criticized the mismanagement of the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, responsible for the planning and implementation of the Five Year Program for the advancement of Ethiopian Israelis. Among other things, the State Comptroller exposed the dynamic in which the resources designated to benefit

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State Comptroller’s Report, May 2013 ( )

The abstract of the May 2013 State Comptroller’s report - chapter  on the absoption of Ethiopian Israelis: Click here

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IAEJ Advocacy Accomplishments ( )

Evaluating advocacy and policy change efforts presents unique challenges—external players and dynamics, complexity, lengthy time frame, and the need to shift strategies, to name a few. The following are examples of IAEJ accomplishments in three key areas – housing, employment and education (specifically, “Meitzav” testing) – outlining how the organization

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Planning to Make a Difference By Mebratu Meshesha ( 9 February 2014 )

Introduction While Ethiopian Jews have been living in Israel for over 3 decades, many socio-economic reports confirm the fact that they live in society’s periphery. This, despite the declaration of government ministries, semi-governmental organizations and non-profit organizations that a great deal of resources are being invested and that some progress