UNHCR Community Coordinator – 50% Post

28 באוקטובר 2014

לפרטי המשרה – הקליקו

Terms of Reference

UNHCR Community Coordinator (50% Post)

The UNHCR Community Coordinator will be directly responsible for the coordination and ongoing monitoring and follow-up of community activities in Eilat, Arad, Ashdod, Jerusalem and other periphery cities. The purpose of this project is for UNHCR to better understand the needs and gaps in the communities, improve its support to communities in the peripheral areas and allow the communities to have more interaction with UNHCR.

Expectations of the UNHCR Community Coordinator:

    • 50% (20 hours) per week will be dedicated to the UNHCR project
    • Flexible working hours [many initiatives will take place in the evenings]
    • Long distance travel required

Specific responsibilities

  • Mapping of stakeholders and service providers in the periphery and building relationships with these actors;

  • Review of current community needs and gaps through the organisation of participatory assessments with community groups and authorities;

  • Organisation of follow-up meetings to develop targeted solutions to the identified gaps and needs, as well as identify areas which need follow-up at national level; this would also include the organisation of targeted trainings (including for local municipalities);

  • Development of a referral pathway on different issues in each city (including for issues relating to health; sexual and gender-based violence; welfare; children’s health/welfare issues). The referral pathway should provide details which authority/organization can help on the different issues, plus contact details;

  • Follow-up on 2013/14 community activities, provide support to existing community groups and adjust existing community activities to new community gaps and needs;




  • All activities are carried out in close coordination and cooperation with Community Service and Programme staff, as well as local community case workers (where existent);
  • Outreach missions to the different locations (including Ashdod, Arad, Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv);
  • Monitoring of the Local Community Caseworkers (in Ashdod, Arad, Eilat): phone calls, daily updates, email exchange, briefing on current Government and UNHCR policies and the current situation of asylum-seekers; answering all questions from the Local Community Caseworkers.
  • Tel Aviv follow-up: act as the local coordinator for the existing initiatives in Tel Aviv
  • Writing weekly mission reports and monthly status reports (includes collection of all data and reports from the Local Community Caseworkers and communities)


  • Project development and management experience
  • Excellent networking and people skills
  • Creativity and self-starter
  • Flexibility and adaptability, motivation, team working, performance orientation
  • Sensitive towards diverse groups (advantage if previous experience with refugee/asylum-seeker communities and familiarity with community work in Tel Aviv and the periphery)
  • English and Hebrew are a must; applicant must be able to write reports in English
  • Advantage: fluency in Arabic, Tigrinya or Amharic
  • Israeli Citizenship
  • Advantage: University Degree in Social Studies

An interview and/or written test may be held for this post. Applicants will be contacted only if they are under serious consideration.

UNHCR offices are non-smoking environments.



Closing date 6 November 2014; applications should be accompanied by duly updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English only and be sent to the e-mail address: costo@unhcr.org


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